Village Technology


This is a common sites in villages on the delta.4 wheelers are the main mode of transport in the villages. I love the image of these women, the 4 wheeler and satelitte dishes in the background. The phone guys where in town putting in a cell phone tower while I was there too. Mekoryuk is one of the most isolated villages, but they are connected and they have wheels.

Tundra Golf

Anyone who knows me understands that I am not the golfing type. But Tundra golf is enough of an adventure to tempt me. I played in the 10th annual Bethel Tundra Golf tournament. This was a 9 hole course with a coffee can and a flag at each whole in the sand pit. This is one of the only high, dry pieces of land in town.  We had a beautiful August day.  The guys used tundra golf carts. Our entry fee included a cooler, bevies and a fish fry.


They’re Off

The boys made it off the ground at about 2:30Pm on September 1. They were dropped off on an unnamed lake and planned to portage their gear from the lake to the river. The start to their adventure was a bit tense when they had no luggage(guns) by Sunday evening.  But their gear arrived on Monday morning and they repacked quickly. I don’t have a picture of the crew, because Tom took the camera. But they are armed with digital cameras,  video recorders, fishing rods, shotguns and rifles. I can’t wait to hear their stories and see their pictures. They do have a satellite phone to call out in an emergency. So any friends or family who read this can assume no news is good news.