Happy New Years!


Originally uploaded by Andrea Pokrzywinski

At -26 degrees wind chill (-10 actual), the bonfires on the river were canceled. But that didn’t stop us from riding out into the tundra to watch the New Year’s eve fireworks. This is the best fireworks show of the year. It’s dark enough to see them at night and they legalize them for a few days. Everyone in the neighborhood was setting them off too.

We had a cup of hot chocolate and then quickly retreated back into the house for a bottle of wine at midnight. It looks like we are in for a long cold snap of below zero. Tom finally canceled his ice fishing trip until it is warmer.


The Raven’s of Bethel


Originally uploaded by Andrea Pokrzywinski

One of the unique characters of Bethel is the Raven. They hang out everywhere. One of my below zero projects is to drive around in the truck and photograph Ravens. I figure it’s a good way to learn how to use my camera.

The Ravens love to tease dogs. They will swoop on them and follow them on the tundra. Nolan is obsessed with them. He will stall our ski-jouring session and stare at them in frustration. He went bonkers when we drove through the dump to take pictures. I guess we missed the Eagle that was hanging out there earlier in the day. We will have to continue our dump birding sessions.