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Nolan and I had a fun day skiing through the tundra. There are tons of snowmobile trails behind the house that make it easy to travel. Nolan pulled me on quite a few of the stretches. We had a blast for a 4 degree day. I only ended up on my but a few times. And I really enjoyed the pull up the hill at the end of the trail.

Now we are just working on our new commands:

On by – ignore that
Hike, OK – go
Gee- right
haw – left

Happy Birthday Tom!


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Tom had the good fortune of eating Agudak for his B-day cake on his 49th. I learned to make this traditional treat in my culture class on Saturday. Click here to see the whole slide set. This mixture is made with ingredients that are easy to access. Crisco, oil, sugar and berries. We added whitefish to one batch too. Traditionally caribou fat was rendered for agudak. Tom and I enjoyed our mixed berry delight. Much like bakery frosting and berries. Unfortunately, we ate too much and I won’t discuss the morning after physical details publicly. Enjoy in moderation!

Saturday Culture Class

Yupik ValuesTomorrow I have my second Saturday in a row of professional development. This weekend we will review the Yupik Value chart and learn how to make aqudak (more details soon). I have my quart of berries and a can of crisco. I am a bit behind on my reading and writing assignments.

Last weekend I had a class on teaching through video conferencing. Our instructor is from Howe, Oklahoma. We have another video conference teaching class offered from UAA on Thursdays. They are keeping me busy.

Tom is in Homer for Shipwreck disaster training. A depressing topic in the context of global warming and the oil and gas situation. We will have to write more on global warming, mining, and the oil companies some day. These are all “hot” topics in Alask.



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For the first time in 20 years we had Trick or Treaters knocking at our door. I ran out of candy in the first hour. There were kids everywhere. Pickups drove up and waited as kids knocked on doors to collect their loot. I turned the light off when I got down to fruit leather. I still had knocks when the light was out.