Waqaa means “what’s up?”

I have started to study Yup’ik words. Just a distraction to keep me from going crazy as I panic to get all the chores done before I take off on the plane next Thursday. I have to sell my car, mail my last boxes, put in my barge order, check on the house, forward mail…. arghhh.

In all this confusion,  Pete busted out of Britton’s house yesterday afternoon and got picked up by animal control. Of course, the phone #’s on the tag are out of date. Lucky Callie is head of animal control and knew how to find me. At 13 + Pete still has the spunk to go for one of his infamous runs! He is ready for Alaska.

Andrea Becomes a Virtual Science Teacher

Last month I took the plunge and applied for a job teaching science in Bethel at the Lower Kuskokwim School District. I got the job! I will be teaching 9-12 Biology, Ecology and Earth Science through their video distance learning network. I am really excited about taking everything I have learned as a technology director and putting it to work in the classroom. I miss teaching. If you want to watch me in action, visit the school web site in September and click on the virtual classroom. It will all be archived. Scary!

Nelson Island Bound

Tom will be in the back country trip from July 16th to August 7th. Here is the project description straight from his work plan.

Map colonial bird colonies, Atlas birds, and conduct aquatic invertebrate sampling. Network with tribal elders, youth, archeologist, anthropologist on melding traditional views and western science. Flying into Toksook, and then traveling to Umkumuit (3 miles west of ToksooK, for 4 day orientation). Then a 2.4 week trip to circumnavigate Nelson Island with group.

Nelson Island